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GB WhatsApp Apk is a mod version of Whatsapp that offers some additional features like Customization, privacy features, and many more and this modified version of Whatsapp has been consistently updated over time.

Gb Whatsapp

GB Whatsapp

In this era, Whatsapp is known as the best social media application for connecting people across the globe. Still, users want to use the best mod version of Whatsapp which provides some additional features. The third-party Developers developed GB WhatsApp Apk.

If you are aware of official WhatsApp then you don’t have to worry about using GB WhatsApp Apk Download because its user interface is mostly similar to the Interface of official WhatsApp that’s why you can easily use this application.GB WhatsApp enhanced the customization features, like its users can make their messaging experience best by changing themes, fonts, and colors. After these customizations user’s account and their conversation look more unique and attractive. Privacy features of Download GB WhatsApp Apk ensure that users have greater control over their online presence becuase users can see their online status, typing indicators, blue ticks, and many more. GB WhatsApp allows its users to share larger media files while official WhatsApp does not allow its users to share high-quality images, videos, and documents. Users of GB WhatsApp Apk can schedule their messages and scheduled messages will be automatically sent at a specific time.

GbWhatsapp Features

Read Deleted Messages
Read Deleted Messages
Download Status
Download Status
Share Large Files
Share Large Files
Auto Reply
Auto Reply
Media Sharing
Media Sharing

Dazzling Auto Reply Facility:

In GB WhatsApp Apk Download the most prominent feature is the auto-reply feature. It is a very important and amazing feature that the sender will get a customized reply that you have set. Once you set a message then when you receive any text in GB WhatsApp Apk this application will automatically respond to that sender. This feature is very useful for businesses because the customer gets a quick reply.

Dazzling Auto Reply Facility:

Hide Online Status:

In GB WhatsApp Apk there is a fantastic feature that you can hide your online status. It means that when you hide this your contacts don't get the status you are online. This is a fantastic feature of GB WhatsApp Apk Download. The users of official WhatsApp can not use the facility of this feature.

Hide Online Status:

Fantastic Interface:

The interface of GB WhatsApp Apk is very osm. People like the interface of this application. The interface of this application gives another level of vibe. Every feature is visible in this application due to its mind-blowing interface.

Fantastic Interface:


1 Is GB Whatsapp a safe Application for use on my Android Cell phone?
Yes, GB Whatsapp is a safe modified application for use on your Android Cell phone.
2 Is it necessary to root my cell phone for using GB Whatsapp Apk?
No, you can use GB Whatsapp Apk without rooting your cell phone.
3 Does Customization feature availale in GB Whatsapp App?
Yes, amazing customization features for themes, font styles, and many others are available in GB Whatsapp App.
4 Does the DND feature available in GB Whatsapp Apk?
Yes, DND is a stunning feature of GB Whatsapp that you can enable don't disturb mode in Gbwhatsapp Apk and can easily use other apps on your cell phone without receiving any notification from GB WhatsApp App.
Enjoy WhatsApp Status in New Ways 2023
Introduction Status updates on WhatsApp are a widely used feature for sharing brief information with those who are close to you. They vanish after a day and can contain text, images, GIFs, videos, and more. Your WhatsApp status is encrypted from beginning to end, just like your private conversations and phone calls, allowing you to share securely and privately. We hope that these new features will make using WhatsApp even more convenient for you as you communicate and express yourself to others. Status in your Voice WhatsApp status now allows voice messages to be recorded for up to 30 seconds. If you would feel more at ease communicating by voice than by typing, voice status can be used to send more private updates. Option for Limited Viewers Not all of your contacts will find your shared status appropriate. We give you the freedom to change your privacy preferences for each status, allowing you to control who sees your updates. The group of people you chose most recently will be remembered and applied by default to your corresponding status updates. Reaction on Status To make it simple and quick for you to reply to updates from your friends and close contacts, we’re adding status reactions. Following the release of Reactions last year, this was the feature that users most wanted to use. With a single tap on one of eight emojis, you can now quickly swipe up to respond to any status update. Without a doubt, you can still reply to a status update via text, voicemail, stickers, and other means. Rings in the Status Profile for New Updates You won’t ever miss a status update from a loved one due to the new status profile ring. Every time your contact shares a status update, this ring will appear around their profile picture. The contacts list, group participant list, and chat list will all have access to it. Link Previews available on Status Currently, a visual preview of the link content appears on your status when you post a link, just like it does when you send a message. In addition to improving the appearance of your status updates, visual previews help your contacts understand the content of the link before they click.
Enjoy WhatsApp Status in New Ways 2023
Improved Calling on WhatsApp
Introduction We’re excited to introduce the new WhatsApp app for the system today, which loads more quickly and has an interface modeled after the app’s mobile version.Group audio calls allow for up to 32 participants and video calls can meet up to eight participants. We’ll gradually raise these limits so you can always stay in touch with your loved ones, friends, and coworkers.With its fully end-to-end encrypted messaging experience, WhatsApp is the largest platform that enables cross-platform communication between computers, tablets, smart phones, and more. This implies that all of your devices always encrypt your private calls, messages, and media. Key Points of Improved Calling on WhatsApp We’ve added new features like link previews and stickers, as well as faster device linking and better cross-device syncing since introducing the new multi-device capabilities. Calls up to 32 people can now be made on your mobile device using video, just like voice calls. This is a four-fold increase over the previous capacity. Participants can be messaged or kept silent during calls by long pressing on them. This enlarges the video or audio feed and lets you message or mute each person individually. By sharing a call link, you can quickly and easily invite people to a group call, whether you’re making the call at the last minute or in advance. Even with their camera turned off, you can now clearly see who is speaking. Observe when a new person joins a call group. With the help of a reduced in-call video screen, multitasking during a call is now possible and will be available in beta testing in the New Year. As usual, end-to-end encryption is automatically applied to all WhatsApp calls to safeguard users’ safety and privacy. Next year, we’ll continue to make advancements and offer reliable, private calling on WhatsApp from anywhere in the globe.
Improved Calling on WhatsApp
CDC’s WhatsApp vaccine finder in Spanish
The chance to assist the US government in its race to vaccinate as many Americans as possible against COVID-19 before the July 4th holiday, or as soon as they can, is one that we consider an honor. IntroDuction WhatsApp is used by people from all walks of life, though it’s well-known that Spanish-speaking communities in the US rely heavily on it. The CDC has created a new vaccine finder in Spanish that makes it simple to locate a vaccination location, schedule a free ride there, and obtain information. The things you can accomplish with a basic text messaging service are unbelievable. To clarify false information, give updates, and get people vaccinated to put an end to this pandemic, we have collaborated with over 150 governments and health organizations over the past year, including the WHO and the CDC. With the World Health Organization (WHO), WhatsApp is pleased to present a new sticker pack titled “Vaccines for All.” In addition to providing a creative and enjoyable means of communication, we hope that these stickers will allow people to privately express their feelings of happiness, relief, and hope regarding the potential benefits of the COVID-19 vaccines. They can also be used to honor the medical professionals who have persevered in saving lives during this protracted and challenging period. Governments in countries like Indonesia, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, and India are using these help lines to connect citizens in private to accurate vaccine information and registration as the pandemic enters a new phase. In just five days, 500,000 medical professionals in Indonesia registered for vaccine appointments through this service. Our goal is to assist governments and international organizations in providing vaccine-related information and services to as many people as they can worldwide, particularly those who live in remote areas or belong to underrepresented groups. Furthermore, we have eliminated the costs associated with sending messages via our WhatsApp Business API. Spanish-language CDC vaccine locator on WhatsApp It is an honor for us to be able to assist the US government in its efforts to vaccinate as many people as possible against COVID-19 before the Fourth of July holiday, or as soon as feasible. Although WhatsApp is used by people from all walks of life, its significance to the Spanish-speaking community in the US is well-established. It will be simpler to locate a location for vaccination, ask for a free ride to the vaccination center, get vaccinated, and receive information with the new vaccine locator created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and available in Spanish.
CDC’s WhatsApp vaccine finder in Spanish
Gb Whatsapp

About GbWhatsapp

The facility of Dual Whatsapp is a most useful feature of GBWhatsApp APK for those users who want to use two different accounts for their personal and professional use because it allows its users to run two different Whatsapp accounts on the same device. The anti-Revoke messages feature of GBWhatsApp ensures that users can always read the messages of a sender even if the sender removes a message. Due to the Auto-Reply feature of Download GBWhatsApp, users can reply to any friend at any time. The DND(Do Not Disturb)feature of this modified version of Whatsapp disables the internet connection only for GBWhatsApp Apk then users can use other apps on their cell phone without receiving any notification from GBWhatsApp App. The users of GBWhatsApp can send 90 images at once and 50 MB video clip and 100 MB audio clip to their friends but users of Original Whatsapp do not have this amazing feature. In GB WhatsApp App built-in status, the downloader feature is available for the facilitation of users. In GB WhatsApp Apk Multiple languages feature is also available.

Features of GBWhatsApp APK

Library of Themes:

The themes are really important for any application. If there is a variety of themes then we are bored of the one theme we can change themes but if the application has only one theme then that application becomes boring for the users. In GBWhatsApp Apk there is a huge library of themes we can choose any of the themes we want.

Variation of Fonts:

People are bored with the default fonts. These fonts are basic and are not attractive. People get bored of applications that have single fonts. In GBWhatsApp Apk there is a variety of fonts.

Variety of Wallpaper:

In GB WhatsApp Apk the users can enjoy a diverse variety of wallpapers. Users of GBWhatsApp Apk Download can easily use any of the pictures that are available in their phone’s gallery in their GB WhatsApp as wallpapers. Just go and download GB WhatsApp Apk and enjoy its outstanding features.

Conceal Your Private Chats and Groups:

The hiding of chats and groups is very osm. In GB WhatsApp App you can hide any of the chat or group. This is an essential feature for the users of Download GB WhatsApp Apk because this feature provides privacy for the users.

Freeze Last Seen:

This feature is not available in the original version of GBWhatsApp Apk. You can freeze the last seen and other contacts will only be seen that last seen. Other contacts will never get you online and that froze last seen will show to them.

Hide Typing/Recording:

Internet users very well know that when we are typing a message to someone then the receiver to whom we are sending a message gets a typing bar and will automatically get to know what we are typing but the GBWhatsApp App users can easily hide this bar and receiver will never know that we are typing a message for sending him. As is the case with the recording system of GBWhatsApp Apk Download. The receiver will never get the recording bar when we are recording a sound for sending to him. This is the most fantastic feature of the Download GB WhatsApp App. People are attracted to this application due to its marvelous features.

Hide Blue Tick:

In GB WhatsApp Apk Download we can easily hide the blue tick. A blue tick shows that someone has read our message. In GB WhatsApp Apk we can hide this blue tick facility and the sender will only get two black ticks. Black ticks show that messages have been delivered and not seen.

Conceal Double Tick:

Two black double tick in WhatsApp shows that message has been delivered and two blue tick shows that the message has been seen but only a single black tick shows that message has been sent. We can enable a feature that is very fabulous in that we can hide this two-tick feature and when someone sends you a message and you have seen that message and sender will only get a single tick.

Read Deleted Messages:

In GBWhatsApp Apk the most crucial feature is that we can read the deleted messages. It means that if someone sends us a message and then instantly deletes that message so in official WhatsApp we can not read that message but in GBWhatsApp APP we can easily read that message and the person who deleted that message will never know that you have read the deleted message.

Share Top Resolution Images:

In GBWhatsApp Apk you can share images in full resolution. The resolution of the images decreases when we share images in official WhatsApp but when we share pictures in GB WhatsApp Apk the resolution of the image remains the same.

Share Your Location:

In GBWhatsApp Apk Download users can easily share their live location. This is a very great way to share your location with your contacts. I like this feature because this is a very important feature of the Download GBWhatsApp App for security purposes.

Share Large Files:

In GB WhatsApp Apk there is a facility that you can share large files in this application. You can share large files with your contacts with the help of this stunning application. The users of GBWhatsApp Apk can share 90 pictures at the same time. Users can also share 50mbs of huge videos with the help of the GB WhatsApp App. This interesting feature is not available on official WhatsApp.

Conceal Your Media From Gallery:

In GBWhatsApp APK Download there is a stunning feature that we can hide our GB WhatsApp Apk files and pictures and videos from the gallery. To do this we need to disable a function to hide media from the gallery. This is a single step and very amazing feature.

Facility to Download Status:

In GBWhatsApp Apk the main function is to download status. This feature is not available on official WhatsApp. You can easily download the status doesn’t matter if it is a video or a photo. Users of this application can easily download any status with just a single click.

The facility of DND Mode:

In GBWhatsApp Apk there is a stunning feature that you can enable don’t disturb mode in GBWhatsApp App. With the help of this feature, the DND(Do Not Disturb)feature of this modified version of Whatsapp users can disable the internet connection only for GB WhatsApp Apk then users can use other apps in their cell phone without receiving any notification from GBWhatsApp App

Airplane Mode:

In this mode, there is a main facility that when you enable this feature then you will not get the notifications of GB WhatsApp Apk. When someone sends you a message then they will get you offline. Enable this feature and browse other applications and you will never get interrupted by notifications of the GBWhatsApp App

Lock Your Application:

Nowadays people like to remain private. Everyone likes their privacy. People like to lock the application so that nobody will know about your chats and files. You can easily lock your GBWhatsApp Apk. There is an inbuilt lock available in GB WhatsApp Apk Download.

Key features of GBWhatsApp Apk

  • You can choose any of the fonts because there is a variety of fonts
  • Hide  your media from the gallery
  • You can share your large media files with your friends conveniently
  • Share live location with your friends
  • Conceal yourself from an online view
  • Enjoy don’t disturb mode
  • Users are facilitated by airplane mode
  • Use the feature of auto-reply
  • Hide chats and groups
  • Freeze your last seen
  • Hide the blue tick, record, and allow a single tick
  • Enjoy a variety of themes
  • Download status Lock your application
  • Fantastic interface

App Requirements

  1. For using GBWhatsapp on your Android cell phone your cell phone must have 4.2 and Above Android versions.
  2. The file size of the GBWhatsapp App is almost 51.3 MB so your cell phone must have this space.

How To use this App

  1. When GBWhatsapp App will be installed on your cell phone then open the application and easily create your account.
  2. After creating your account you can use Aeroplane mode, privacy and security features, and all customization features of GBWhatsapp free of cost.

Final Words

GBWhatsApp Apk is a mod version of Whatsapp that offers some additional features like Customization, privacy features, and many more. If you are aware of official WhatsApp then you don’t have to worry about using GBWhatsApp Apk Download because its user interface is mostly similar to the Interface of official WhatsApp that’s why you can easily use this application. The user of GBWhatsApp can send 90 images at once and 50 MB video clip and 100 MB audio clip to their friends but users of Original Whatsapp do not have this amazing feature. All the features of GBWhatsApp Apk Download are beneficial for all users and users can use all its features without buying any subscription. The downloading link of GBWhatsApp Apk is given on our website.